Connoisseur of latest technology

Partha is a tech trailblazer who enjoys learning and experimenting with the latest technology. According to him, technology has the power to turn any business problem into an innovative business model and business moment.

The future of business is like a space mountain ride in Disneyland with all the turbulence – highs – lows – and all of it in absolute darkness. Businesses undergo a paradigm shift every now and then, with new technologies being created almost daily. Emerging technologies like IoT, AI, and Machine Learning are impacting everything around us, be it environment, businesses and people. IT is and will continue to play a critical role in making and breaking business.

“In today’s world digital disruption is omnipresent and omnipotent. Decades ago no one could have predicted that Apple and Google would be competitors to auto manufacturers. But that is how the industry is changing and no business, no sector

and no industry is immune to the disruptive power of digital. So what strategy should one follow?

Focus on ICE – Innovation and adaptability, Climate change and Experential Commerce. Companies that will innovate and adapt in the face of climate change and focus on creating enhanced and immersive experience for customers, will survive and thrive in the VUCA world.”

As Group CIO, Partha has a vision to make each Mahindra company a digital leader and a trend setter within their industry. He has been constantly working towards achieving this mission by creating an IT strategy and digital roadmap for the Group. Few notable projects undertaken by him include:

DiGiSENSE: connected Vehicle platform

Mahindra launched DiGiSENSE, a revolutionary technology solution that connects Mahindra vehicles, tractors, trucks and construction equipment to the cloud, opening a whole new dimension to the experience of vehicle ownership. Its launch has made the company the first OEM in India to integrate its product line-up onto a cloud-based technology platform. DiGiSENSE empowers owners, fleet operators, drivers, dealers and service teams to access vital information about their vehicles, trucks, tractors or construction equipment on a real time basis from the driver’s seat and afar.

Data Science/Analytics: Embracing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Partha firmly believes that digitisation coupled with predictability can create massive disruption in any business. On these lines, Partha formed the Information Insights Center (IIC) to incubate analytics-led problem-solving approaches across enterprise. IIC has underpinnings of Business Problem Solutioning, Data Sciences and Technology with an overarching Program Management dimension.

M2ALL: eCommerce platform

M2ALL is designed as a one-stop solution for all auto-related needs be it booking a vehicle or buying spare parts and accessories. M2ALL is establishing itself as a player in the niche segment of e-commerce for automobiles.


MeConnect has a bouquet of over 60+ apps built using a blend of multiple technologies from Native, Phonegap, SAP Fiori and integrated with SAP and SharePoint.

Project Harmony

In 2010, M&M created a world record by harmonizing 50 companies going live in only 8 months. Currently, Mahindra Group has 84 companies on a single global instance of SAP. It covers the entire Mahindra Group of Manufacturing (Auto, Tractors, and Auto components) to Financial Services, Retail, Real Estate and Construction, Hospitality, Transport & Logistics, Defense, etc.

These projects have enabled M&M to rewire its business process by deploying mobility through a unique mobile app for employees (MeConnect, a bouquet of 60+ apps), using the humongous computing power of Hana to deploy real time financial reporting, transformed analytics to actionable analytics through business specific algorithms, and finally redefined real time to “in the moment”.