About Partha


About V. S. Parthasarathy

V S Parthasarathy (fondly known as Partha) is a man with multiple thinking hats and a global leader. VS Parthasarathy is the President of the Mobility Services Sector of Mahindra Group. This Sector encompasses all the mobility businesses within Mahindra, including Mahindra Logistics Ltd, the erstwhile aftermarket sector (Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd, Mahindra First Choice Services Ltd) and auto mobility services, including Glyd and Meru. The Sector will also leverage Mahindra’s investments in Porter and Zoomcar.

Partha is a member of the Mahindra Group’s supervisory board called ‘Group Executive Board’.

Social Initiatives

Nanhi Kali

Just like a coin, Partha has two sides. Besides being a seasoned CFO & CIO in the industry for many years, Partha has a soft corner for social causes. He likes to reach out to the needy and provide food to the hungry whenever he has the time. He enjoys teaching and takes time out to teach at the at the Mahindra Pride School in his spare time. He believes that every girl child should have the right to education. To him, this is a matter of prima importance – with a much-needed turn of tide, girls now have the right and opportunity to make their own decisions, without worry or constraints. He believes that education is the Key, and that with

a stellar education, one achieves a broader view of the world. Well educated people can not just help themselves, but also offer assistance and guidance to others. The education of the girl child has the ability to bring socio-economic changes.

Social Initiatives

Mumbai Marathon for a cause

Running for a good cause is one occasion that the runner wins not at the finishing line, but at the first step. The Mumbai Marathon is unique in that it symbolizes the spirit of social consciousness of the city of Mumbai. Partha takes great pleasure in participating in this Marathon, and has been a dedicated runner for the past 5 years.

Partha cares deeply about social consciousness, and particularly about the problems of gender diversity. As Nanhi Kali combines both these causes, it is extremely close to his heart, both as a Mahindra employee and at a personal level. Knowing that the larger public supports his social endeavour is a big motivator and pumps him with renewed passion.

“What greater joy, what greater satisfaction, what greater sense of being than the simple, selfless act of giving.”


Connoisseur of latest technology

Partha is a tech trailblazer who enjoys learning and experimenting with the latest technology. According to him, technology has the power to turn any business problem into an innovative business model and business moment.

The future of business is like a space mountain ride in Disneyland with all the turbulence – highs – lows – and all of it in absolute darkness. Businesses undergo a paradigm shift every now and then, with new technologies being created almost daily. Emerging technologies like IoT, AI, and Machine Learning are impacting everything around us, be it environment, businesses and people. IT is and will continue to play a critical role in making and breaking business.

Finance & Accounts

Industry veteran and authority on F&A

Mr. Parthasarathy has been at the helm of M&M Group’s Finance Function since 2014, having joined the Group in the year 2000.

He has been instrumental in driving several key projects and initiatives at M&M. He has led the Finance function from the front and is the driving force behind M&M Group’s Global drive. He is the Chairman of the CFO Council for FICCI and guides various policy level decisions at the National Arena. He contributes to the contemporary updates by writing about various subjects viz, RBI Policy, M&A, GST, etc.

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